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The coolest neighborhood!

To get to Namoa Hostel is very easy!

Living room

Metrô Vila Madalena

Tietê Bus Terminal:
At Tietê Bus Terminal there is a metro station (blue line) . Ride to Paraíso stop and  transfer to the Green Line, bound for Vila Madalena Station.

Congonhas Airport
The easiest way is taking a taxi to Vila Madalena . The route should leave approximately R $ 50 depending on time and traffic.
The most economical option combines the use of buses and metro, but the journey takes approximately 1 hour
In Av Washington Luiz, 6808 to catch the bus 675I – 10 ( Terminal Joao Dias ). Down at Av Jabalpur, 2413 – Metro Sao Judas.
Railway station in São Judas boarding Tucuruvi direction and get off at the railway station Ana Rosa. Make transfer to the Metro Green Line, direction Vila Madalena, and landing at that station.

Guarulhos Airport
The easiest way is to take a taxi bound for Vila Madalena . The route should leave approximately R $ 110 depending on the time and traffic.
The most economical option is to get inside the airport to city bus called ” Airport Bus Service ” (ask at the tourist office ) . Down in the subway station in Vila , Red line . Drive to Station Paradise and make transfer to the Green Line , bound for Vila Madalena Station.

Metro station Vila Madalena
We are just 2 blocks from the station Vila Madalena . Exiting the subway at Avenida Heitor Penteado – Lado ímpar (upstairs) , go down to the end of the bus terminal, turn right and then left at Rua Paulistania and walk to the number 708.
Transfer service from Airport or Bus Terminal: Contact us.

São Paulo

Never sleeps

São Paulo

São Paulo

Fascinating, São Paulo is a city superlative in everything, even in diversity. Seething cauldron of styles and cultures where people live more than 70 nationalities, is also a great entertainment center: more than 280 cinemas, 180 theaters, more than 90 110 cultural centers and museums, and numerous nightclubs of the most many styles for one of the busiest nights of the planet. Not to mention the shopping – with 79 malls and dozens of streets with specialized commerce. And the food – there are more than 12,500 restaurants, with 52 types of cuisine from all over the world. For reasons like this, it is worthwhile exploring this global city, full of knowledge, trends, colors and smells.
Whatever the style, the city has much to offer. So were elaborated thematic tours, sightseeing suggestions and selection of attractions so that you can experience a Sao Paulo tailored for you. Try it, sharpen your senses and surprise yourself .

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Vila Madalena

Our villa

Living room

Author: Eduardo Kobra

Our villa is the Vila Madalena, known for its bohemian, different restaurants and cultural venues. It is a neighborhood youth who combines modernity and tradition.
In its streets run bars for every taste, charming pubs with tiled walls and beer always cold. To listen, there is everything in the ballads of roundness: rock, samba, and even the famous junction of the two rhythms, the sambarock. All this gives way to night life intellectuals who roam the quaint bookstores and art spaces of the neighborhood during the day.
Discover how hectic and tranquility coexist in this unique neighborhood of São Paulo.

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